Galeria Gastronómica Club Restaurant Bellavista

Club & Restaurant by Giuseppe

With over 20 years experience in Spain, and after opening several local success on the island, on March 28, 2012, Giuseppe Di Paolo, was launched in this new venture by opening one of the most stylish local the north of Mallorca.

The Bellavista is located in an excellent context on the seafront of Puerto de Alcudia.

Giuseppe melts your cooking skills in this trendy restaurant, and we are delighted with their selection of authentic Mediterranean style dishes. Giuseppe selected for all of you some of the best dishes of traditional Spanish, Italian and Majorcan cuisine.

Bellavista club is open every day of the week throughout the year from 8.30 in the morning with breakfast, musical aperitifs, cocktails, WiFi and programming of cultural, artistic and gastronomic events.





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Night Club Restaurant Bellavista

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Club Restaurant Bellavista

Street: Paseo maritimo, n. 6, Port d'Alcudia, Mallorca,

Phone: +34 971 897 651

Email: [email protected]